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Research Theme 3 – Machine: Condition-Based Maintenance (CBMx)

This research theme focuses on the “Machine” dimension. Future Smart Cities must address sustainability, given the explosive scale of IoT and sensors. Continuing traditional periodic maintenance without considering the actual condition, taxes the resources as systems become more complex. Joint Lab R&D aims to create innovative technologies that allow effective prediction of system condition to enable optimal system function with the lowest cost of maintenance. We plan to study A.I. solutions for condition-based maintenance. Specifically, the solution focuses on the following two areas: a) Equipment Status Analytics: Detect faults and predict the future failure/outrages of the equipment for conducting preventive maintenance by developing deep learning based techniques. b) Planning and Dynamic Resource Allocation: Automatically suggest maintenance plan (replace, repair, etc.) for components and allocate resources for the maintenance actions.

Programme Director: Assoc Prof Yeo Chai Kiat

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